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So this is for all the lovely people out there who need a Probending Uniform reference. I couldn’t find a decent one so I made my own. Hope it helps someone else!

1) Every uniform consists of four colors unique to the team.

2) All padding is not firm (like skateboarder’s pads), but bends and moves along with the bender

3) The Padding on the Thighs, Shoulders, and arms are divided into three parts

4) The arm guards strap on kind of like a Velcro shoe, the straps go around the wrist then bend back over on themselves

5) The Elbow, shoulder, knee and thy pads do not strap on, they are attached to the clothing on underneath

6) The thy pads wrap around the leg and end around where the seam would be

7) The Body padding is not attached to the beige shirt underneath

8) On the back, the body padding is angular at the top, but cut almost flat on the bottom. There is also a visible seam down both the front and back.

9) The gloves have their own padding attached right to them, which gets overlapped by the arm guards when the wrist is flexed. They are also half fingered, like the ones Sokka used to wear

10) The Elbow pads are not visible from the front

11) The shirt underneath is two colors, one outside and one inside that becomes the colored collar. It itself is like Toph’s vest, but fastens twice instead of once with the belt. It reaches the hips.

12) Underneath everything, there is a turtleneck.

13) The Bands left blank are colored with either red/orange, blue or green depending on the element bent by the wearer.

14) The helmet slips over the head and is secured by a strap at the chin. It has cutouts at the ear like a baseball player’s helmet. The glass had the slights orange tint to it. It is heavily padded in the inside.

15) The souls of the boots are two different colors.

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